Video package includes a tornado warned storm south of Wichita along with hail in Wichita and wrecks due to hydroplaning on the highway.

Shot List

1) Updraft base on a tornado warned storm south of Wichita, Kansas.

2) A developing wall cloud.

3) Storm base on tornado warned storm.

4) Rotation in the wall cloud.

5) Rising scud clouds on a tornado warned storm.

6) Rising and slowly rotating clouds.

7) Shot of a wall cloud to my west.

8) Shot of the wall cloud to my south.

9) POV shot driving in rain and wind.

10) POV shot of traffic driving through the storm.

11) POV shot of vehicles driving in hail.

12) POV shot of a van driving through hail.

13) Hail falling on the road.

14) Hail falling in the grass.

15) Hail falling on pavement.

16) Vehicles parked under a gas canopy to avoid the hail.

17) Hail falling with street flooding as vehicle passes through water.

18) Hail falling in the grass.

19) Long clip of vehicles driving through street flooding.

20) Hailstone next to a golf ball.

21) Hail on the ground.

22,23) Accident scene due to vehicles hydroplaning in the storm.

24) Accident scene with man walking towards ambulance in a neck brace.

25) Damage to the front end of a mini cooper.

26,27) Shots of another hydroplaning accident about a mile further down the road.

28) Holding hail shot.

29,30) Hail with golf ball shots.

31,32) Hail with tape measure shots.

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