Two-part video of a damaging tornado in the extreme western part of the Nebraska Panhandle and large hail earlier in the dat=y in extreme northern Colorado.
Shot Description


Scene 1-2: Shots of a stout cone tornado northwest of Bushnell, Nebraska. First shot a lightning bolt hits next to tornado as the camera gets settled.

Scene 3: Driving shot of fat funnel cloud.

Scene 4: Extreme tight shot of funnel cloud.

Scene 5: Shot of tornado.

Scene 6-7: Two angles of snapped power pole.

Scene 8: POV driving shot in a construction zone where every sign and cone were blown over.

Scene 9: POV driving shot of large cone tornado partially blocked by a hill.

Scene 10: Rope out of tornado over the road.


Scene 11-13: Various shots of DOT electronic highway signs warning drivers of the forecast of tornadoes and hail.

Scene 14: Panning shot of approaching storm in Pierce with NAT of tornado sirens in town.

Scene 15: Shot of cloud swirl overhead with NAT tornado sirens.

Scene 16: Meso approaching

Scene 17: Two residents watching storm.

Scene 18: One resident walks into falling hail, picks up stone, and shows camera.

Scene 19: Golfball hail falling in dirt.

Scene 20-21: Large hail smashing into ground along US-85 in Pierce with numerous vehicles pulled over.

Scene 22: Lots of hail falling on the road.

Scene 23: Van passes by as hail falls.

Scene 24: Holding tennisball sized in hand

Scene 25: Shot of four large hail stones up to baseball sized.

Scene 26: Holding three large hailstones in hand.

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