Footage is from the intersection of Interstate 69 West and Mines Road. Not sure if there was a tornado or not, but there is a lot of RFD wind damage for sure.

Additional footage of extreme flooding.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Footage of extreme winds as we are stuck in traffic with RFD winds screaming past the vehicle and power is knocked out.

Clip 2 Extreme winds and flooding. The winds calm down but the flooding begins to get deeper as emergency services arrive on scene.

Clip 3 The road begins to look more like a raging river as vehicles try to navigate it.

Clip 4 Extreme flooding under an underpass.

Clip 5 Driving by storm damage as roofs are blown off in laying on the ground and utility lines are blown over.

Clip 6 Traffic light hanging from the overhead post.

Clip 7-8 Raw footage driving past the storm damage.

Clip 9 Flooded out road that is barricaded.

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