A beautiful supercell thunderstorm produces amazing structure, hail, funnel clouds, a tornado, and a landspout west and southwest of Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Wednesday evening.
Shot Description

1,2) Amazing base on a supercell thunderstorm west of Santa Rosa.

3) POV shot driving under the base of a supercell thunderstorm on interstate 40.

4,5) Driving in heavy rain, wind, and hail along interstate 40.

6) Storm base shot.

7) Timelapse on supercell and rain shaft.

8,9) Storm structure shots.

10) Possible tornado southwest of Santa Rosa.

11) Supercell gust front and wall cloud.

12) Scud clouds rising and rotating into thunderstorm updraft.

13) Rotating wall cloud on a supercell storm.

14) Wide shot of storm structure with a funnel cloud present.

15) Pan shot on supercell banding.

16) Landspout tornado.

17) Rotation overhead.

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