Large, damaging tornado outbreak over western Nebraska:
Footage of several tornadoes including a tornado causing damage to Bayard NE, a derailed train, overturned tractor trailers, and damaged homes and farms. Also footage of close dramatic lightning strikes

All footage shot in near Bayard, Harrisburg, and Angora NE during evening daylight on June 12, 2017 by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1-3. close rope tornado passes next to road with roaring winds near Harrisburg NE

4. pushed-in shot of utility pole snapping near Harrisburg, NE

5-7. shots of cone tornado south of Harrisburg, NE

8. shot of funnel cloud rapidly rotating above road south of Harrisburg, NE

9. shot of rope tornado south of Harrisburg, NE

10-15. various shots of broad tornadic circulation causing damage in Bayard, NE

16-19. dramatic close lightning strikes near Harrisburg, NE

20-23. SLOW MOTION dramatic close lightning strikes near Harrisburg, NE

24 & 25. POV shot of dramatic tornadic supercell over Harrisburg, NE

26. metal siding from barn wrapped around utility pole with lightning in background near Bayard, NE

27-39. Derailed Train by possible broad tornado near Angora, NE

30. pushed-in shot of metal wrapped around utility pole in Bayard, NE

31. driving shot of debris and snapped power poles along road near Bayard, NE

32 & 33. shots of heavy tornado damage to barn near Bayard, NE

34. pushed-in shot of mud-covered sheep next to snapped power pole near Bayard, NE

35-37. shots of overturned semi-truck or tractor trailer near Angora, NE

38. pushed-in shot of roof damage to house in Bayard, NE from tornado

39. shot of snapped power pole near Bayard, NE

40-42. Various shots of highway blocked by flipped and damaged irrigation system near Bayard, NE

43-46. Various shots of overturned semi-trucks near Angora, NE

47. shot of downed trees blocking primary roadway in Bayard, NE from tornado

48. shot of house with damaged roof in Bayard, NE

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